BlockTek Brandable Patented RFID/NFC Contactless Card Shields




This exceptional, past Patented, UK manufactured permanent branding security opportunity, allows your customers to ensure their Brand is instantly placed in the front of wallets/purses, kept and seen each and every day 6/7 times a day, 365 days a year each and every time the item is opened and not to be missed.

Eco options: Standard Cards are recyclable PVC.  available also as PVC-R Recycled plastic and or Eco degradeable at additional cost.

The card simply sits in front of up to 3 contactless bank, travel or ID cards to protect them against daily issues from daily Accidental Payment evidenced on transport (such as Transport for London), retail POS and venues as well as ID theft from the e-skimming of the data held on the chip through the use of hand held smartphone apps or card reader devices.

Branded up to 4 colour and to match your artwork on our template provided by us. We strongly recommend that you use the top Line and corners of the front of each card to promote your logo or a QR code and/or company name/website, as that means it will be seen each time the wallet/purse is opened and so becomes a subliminal marketing tool that allows the brand to sit in the memory through repetitive visibility and also means anyone close to the carrier will see the brand also. The addition of a QR means an interested person can quickly access your website.

The technology fits with many projects and we are happy to discuss the multi use functionality and opportunities with you while you are considering this product.

We have supplied the technology to Police, Banks, Insurance companies, Credit score companies, Universities and many different organisations including working with TFL.

It fits perfectly as a messaging security giveaway as used by Police, an additional security promotional product for Insurance companies, as an addition to a membership programme, as part of a customer attraction or retention offering, as a reward option, as a  shielded gift or loyalty card, as a premium Business card, as an on/off campus University Student security package handed out by Universities in a student pack along with Popper Wallets etc and most recently as a TripAdvisor Review response Improver used by hospitality to improve staff engagement with customers and by customers using the QR code to review there and then to help boost the venues scores. Used in this way ensures the Booster is kept permanently after review written as it protects the customers cards every day and promotes loyalty through the gift.

These are just a few examples and if you have a project and looking for a permanent product then chat to us and see if we can help you fit the Technology to your clients needs

The Shield is a ISO, UK produced, 2 piece pvc card made from recycled plastic (recyclable and degradeable plastic available on request at extra cost).

Patented military grade shielding fabric is sandwiched in between the cards and sealed. The fabric was created under Government Grant in 2006 with the aid of Bolton University and Lancashire University experts. The technology offers the strongest shielding protection on the market (Research Papers available on request), the fabric is a passive Shielding tool that requires no batteries or circuits, which run out or break, and the fabric both absorbs signals and reflects signals to prevent reading of card data. (beware of aluminium products as they reflect at a low level and can lose effectiveness when creased or scratched and may infringe a patent- always ask for R&D and Testing reports.)

Can be supplied also with an A6 backing card with double sided printing opportunities, our BlockTek FSC Cardboard Printed packaging or if you have a preference for your packaging then talk to us.

Standards card size 85mm by 54mm. Passive Technology. No batteries required. No circuits that can break. No lights that light up. No power needed or stored.

Patented Gb, 100% Manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001, 14001 & 27001 Standards, Full Colour Print. Minimum Quantity: 100


Carrying to Protect- important

You can use your RFID Card Shield to protect other contactless payment cards that you may hold, should you choose to do so. In your purse or wallet we recommend you gather your payment cards together in one section directly behind one another, up to a maximum of 3. You should then place your RFID Card Shield on top/in front of them allowing it to shield the cards.

If you want to carry each card separately in its own slot/section then you will need a RFID Card Shield for each of the cards in each slot.

Additional information

Patented RFID Card Shields

100 – Double Sided ECO, 200 – Double Sided ECO, 300 – Double Sided ECO, 400 – Double Sided ECO, 500 – Double Sided ECO, 1000 – Double Sided ECO, 100 – Double Sided, 200 – Double Sided, 300 – Double Sided, 400 – Double Sided, 500 – Double Sided, 1000 – Double Sided