Book a Teams video call

COVID changed many things for us all. In particular the need to try to overcome time and distance to meet face to face was replaced by Video Teams and Zoom calls.

We place much value in face to face relationships, however, with a widening territory to cover it is not always practical or convenient for us all to get together in one room.

We are determined to ensure where possible this type of interaction is available while recognising the need to develop our commitment to working in all modern mean available to us to ensure we build long and trusted relationships with our Promo partners.

We have so many topics and products we can help you with that we want to ensure we are available to talk you through them and share some thoughts on how our products, such as our a patented BlockTek range, can be built into a permanent branding project that secures your clients money/id every day and ensures the brand is seen multiple times in a day. How we can bundle a University Admission day multi product pack, a Drinks aware pack with our Drink Seals and Test kits, Travel packs, membership packs and many more items that will be available to you soon.

If you want to book a video call for yourself or with your team then we will be delighted to arrange one with you assuming the diary has space available. Simply complete the short form with at least 2 dates and times that work for you and state a topic or ask for an overview. We will then check the diary and come back to you to confirm.